When and where was Car Share Ride founded? 

Car Share Ride was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2017.  Built in Melbourne for Melbourne!  Our team wish to have a positive effect on climate change and help the traffic situation in peak hour.  The main purpose is to facilitate a connection between people in the community on this platform.

How does Car Share Ride Work? 

Its really simple !  Add your travel journey for example to and from Home/Work/Recreation e.g Essendon Windy Hill to Melbourne CBD as a Driver and/or Passenger and communicate with fellow travellers via a chat feature online.

Insurance and Safety questions? All community members are recommended to have car insurance, this is really a common sense thing to do in life.  Contact your individual insurance provider regarding car sharing with friends and/or colledges to find out information on your individual policy.  Most Australian insurers state that car sharing will not affect an individual's car insurance so long as a profit is not made.  So if you have a main purpose to save the environment and share vehicle costs please double check your with your policy provider and take a common sense approach to seeking out professional advice.  Car Share Ride is only about facilitating a connection between people in the local community.  We would recommend that all local and internation laws be adherded to.   Car Share Ride encourages community members to provide fellow members with a valid registration and insurance policy upon request to make sure that is current.

Car Share Ride will request this information and will display Compliance stamp on members profile however can not be liable if members cancel or do not comply to rules, regulations and Victorian/Australian and International laws.  Please complete proper due diligence regarding these matters and other enquiries.  As you would do in the situations meeting people in your local community.  We suggest having a meeting with travellers that you wish to share a ride with and go from there.  Thank you sincerly from all the team at Car Share Ride.

Is there Income Tax and GST Implications ? Yes, of coarse.  If you decide to carry on a business with the view to make a profit there is Income Tax and GST Implications.  The same with Income Tax deductions for carrying on a business.  However, if you choose to offer a ride free for the main purpose of saving the environment and protecting the environment, that is your right and choose.  We would encourage people in this way, with a mutual exchange of sharing the driving or sharing the costs of travel.  E.g Petrol, registration, insurance and driving exchanges. 

For a simple example, a driver picks up 3 colledges on the way to work, that all share the costs of travel and provide financial exchange.   The financial value incurred is $ $3000 per year.  This Value is treated as Income and thus valid deducations to produce this income can be deducted.  $3,000 of Income and $1,000 in deductions only include a proportion of Registration, Insurance, Petrol, and other costs.  The subtotal equals to $2,000.   This amount is added to your yearly Income Tax Assessment to be access for tax with your Tax Bracket of Total income.  More informations can be found online of the ATO website.  Please consult a qualified tax professional for more informations on calculating Income and deductions.  Welcome to send email to Car Share Ride Support Centre to seek more advice.


Is the Car Share Ride Community Safe ? 

Yes, the local community is safe.   The website has been secured using an encrption SSL certificate.  All members must confirm identity with phone and personal details.  However, please use common sense approach when communicating with members of the community that you wish to travel with.

Community Etiquette

Ensure Vehicle registration, insurance and drivers licence is valid. 

Try to be on time in meeting location.  It is understandable that people can be late for many reasons, however we suggest contacting if you able to do so to maintain a good communication.

Try to continue on a straight run to your destination, without any major detours for the benefit of the environment first not financial incentives.   Plan for a backup where you have an alternative planned for things that happen in day to day life.  For example there is a road closure or a different travel journey is taken.

Taxi Reforms and information about Taxi Industry

For people with Taxi licences that choose to use this platform for bookings please read and comply with local and taxi regulations.


Car Share Ride is a technology forum platform. All responsibilities and rights remain with Driver and Passenger in your local sharing community.  Just like in a library you are entitled to browse, read and search for books.  Even stop and talk to local community members to offer your support for the environment.  However if you choose to be a Driver for the sole purpose to make a profit, please seek professional advice and/or register with the appropriate local/state accreditations.

Have a clean and reliable vehicle

Car Share Ride recommends your car is in good working order, road worthy and you have roadside assist. Make sure your car is pleasant to travel in.

Travel at recommended speeds

Always travel safely and within the speed limits.  Ensure you comply with applicable traffic signs and traffic legislation.

It’s okay to say "no"

Don’t share a ride with someone unless you are comfortable doing so. Full stop. There is no obligation.  There is no set rules.  If you meet up and it doesn’t look like it will work out, there is no pressure to continue.  If a problem arises within your arrangement that you are unable to resolve, you are under no obligation to continue. Simply look for another match!

Welcome any further questions, and if you wish, we can add your question to the FAQ list with your premission of coarse. 


Kind regards

From all the the team @ www.carshareride.com

Happy travels on your journey !! :)