Together we can save the Planet.

Make new connections.

Grow our  Communities.

Car share ride is a new initiative to save the planet and connect people in the community.

Simple concept born in Melbourne Australia in 2017. 

Organically started to help people connect together to facilitate a positive effect on climate change.  

It is easy to see that you and I have the ability to take small steps everyday in every way to Save the Planet for our families, friends, loved ones and the future generations.

Car share ride is all about facilitating a connection to share resources such as cars, trucks and motor bikes with friendship network in Melbourne and around Australia.  Eventually, our team at Car Share Ride has lofty, yet achievable ambition to ultimately facilitate Global connections and enthusiasm to Save the Planet.

The Ultimate Vision:  To save the planet one motor vehicle off the road at a time.

Q: People always ask.  Where did you get the inspiration for this world changing idea ?  

A:  A combination of reasons.  Firstly, as a kid, did you ever watch that Captain Planet cartoon series?    I did, and loved the idea that everyday people like myself can make a huge difference in small ways.  As shown in the cartoon, there are so many small steps we can all take to help Save the Planet.  From recycling, eating healthy and reducing carbon emissions.